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“All for Civil Rights”

African-American Congressmen, Judges & Lawmakers in South Carolina, Compiled by W. Lewis Burke

Table of Contents


Lists of Officials

  • Alphabetical List
  • Chronological Lists
  • 1868 & 1895 Constitutional Convention Delegates
  • List of Officials by Office
  • State & Federal Government
    • Adjutant General
    • South Carolina House of Representatives
    • South Carolina Lieutenant Governor
    • South Carolina Secretary of State
    • South Carolina Solicitors
    • South Carolina State Senators
    • South Carolina Treasurer
    • U.S. Congressmen
  • State & Federal Courts
    • Municipal Court
    • South Carolina Circuit Court
    • South Carolina Court of Appeals
    • South Carolina Family Court
    • South Carolina Inferior Court
    • South Carolina Probate Court
    • South Carolina Supreme Court
    • United States District Court Judges

Biographical sketches