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Memory Hold The Door, Volume IV: 1988–1997

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1988 to 1997.

Huger Sinkler (1908–1987)

With any generation, there are a handful of men and women who, through intellect or sheer force of will, shape the time in which they live. Huger Sinkler was such a man. Huger was born, January 13, 1908 in Charleston. He graduated from Asheville High School, the College of Charleston (1927) and attended the University of South Carolina School of Law (1927–1929).

He was married to Alida Dana Canfield, and they had two sons, Huger Sinkler, Jr. and G. Dana Sinkler. He was recognized as the foremost practitioner in South Carolina in the field of municipal bond law.

He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives (1932–1936) (1945–1946) and helped draft Article X of the Constitution.

He died January 16, 1987 and was posthumously awarded the Bond Lawyers’ Friel Medal.

Huger Sinkler was a great leader and a giant among his peers.