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Memory Hold The Door, Volume IV: 1988–1997

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1988 to 1997.

Henry Taylor Gaud (1909–1993)

Henry Taylor Gaud was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on March 19, 1909 to William Steen Gaud and Isabel Williams Gaud and was educated in the Charleston public schools and graduated from Charleston High School in 1925. He spent one year at Asheville Preparatory School and entered Yale University, graduating with a B.S. degree in 1931. Henry Gaud worked for Prudential Insurance Company in Newark, New Jersey until 1935. He enrolled at the University of Virginia Law School and graduated in 1941 with an LL.B. degree and began practicing law in New York City and enlisted in the New York National Guard which was mobilized shortly thereafter. However, Henry was discharged due to poor eyesight. He also practiced in Washington, D.C. in the Office of Price Administration.

In 1942, Henry married Frances F. Grimball of Charleston, and in 1943 he returned to Charleston to enter private practice with Hagood, Rivers and Young.

Mr. Gaud was a member of the New York Bar, the Charleston County Bar, the South Carolina Bar and the American Bar Association. Henry Gaud was a sole practitioner most of his professional life. Henry Gaud appeared before the Republican National Committee in San Francisco to challenge the credentials of the then “Old Guard” South Carolina delegates and successfully convinced the Committee to recognize his slate. He worked tirelessly to organize an active Republican Party in South Carolina. Although he never held office, his efforts culminated in the election of many Republican candidates throughout South Carolina.

He was a lifelong member of the Charleston Exchange Club, the St. Andrews Society and the South Carolina Society. He was a member of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church and faithfully attended its adult class. A lawyer of character, devoted to his clients, his family and his community. A fiery litigator but a courteous and friendly adversary. He loved the legal profession. The later years of his practice were devoted to matters in the Family Court where he was greatly respected.

Henry is survived by his wife, Frances; two sons, William Steen Gaud, II and Henry Taylor Gaud, Jr.; a daughter, Panchita Heyward Gaud and four grandchildren.