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Memory Hold The Door, Volume I: 1958–1967

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1958 to 1967.

James Spencer Verner (1906–1964)

James Spencer Verner of Columbia was born on January 22, 1906 and was named for his father. Both of his parents were uniquely talented and able people. He was educated at McCallie School of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and at the University of South Carolina, where he received A.B., M.A. and LL.B. degrees.

He practiced with his father after entering the practice of law and then with the Legal Department of the Federal Land Bank and the Home Owners Loan Corporation through 1949. Then he became Assistant Attorney General, a position he held until his death on March 18, 1964.

In 1935, he was married to Anne Wallace Marshall of York and they had two children: Mrs. William Weston, III of Columbia and James S. Verner, Jr., a practicing attorney in Spartanburg.

Jim Verner came to the office of the Assistant Attorney General a matured practitioner, specially endowed and trained for his work. Invariably the most difficult and complex problems in the office of the Attorney General were placed on his desk.

James Spencer Verner sought and found that pearl of greatest price in a lawyer’s professional life — the respect and confidence of his fellow lawyers, judges and laymen.