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The Colcock-Hutson Collection

A Nineteenth Century Law Library

The Places

A Map of Beaufort District, South Carolina, from the Mills Atlas of 1825
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The Colcocks and Hutsons lived and worked in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, along the Cooswhatchie and Combahee Rivers. The towns that they called home waxed and waned with the plantation economy. All of the territory was originally in the Beaufort District. In 1877, the northwestern part of Beaufort District was made into Hampton County. In 1912, parts of Hampton and Beaufort Counties were made into Jasper County. Some of the towns ended up in Hampton and some in Jasper. None remained in Beaufort. After the Civil War, some of them existed only in memory, memorialized by roadside markers. The names are redolent of the past, invoking the original Native American inhabitants and the pioneers who settled the area.