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Memory Hold The Door, Volume III: 1978–1987

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1978 to 1987.

Thomas Albert Wofford (1908–1978)

Thomas Albert Wofford was born on September 27, 1908 in Laurens, the son of John Albert and Cleo Cunningham Wofford. He graduated from Laurens High School in 1924, the University of South Carolina in 1928 and Harvard University Law School in 1931 where he received his LL.B. He practiced law in Greenville from 1931 until his death in 1978. At that time, he was senior partner in the firm of Wofford and Snyder.

He was Assistant Solicitor of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit from 1935 until 1936, Assistant United States Attorney from 1937 until 1943, and was appointed Special Circuit Judge on several occasions. He was President of the Greenville Bar Association in 1965.

Mr. Wofford was appointed to the United States Senate in March 1956, serving as an interim Senator for eight months. He served as a State Senator from Greenville County from 1966 to 1972, being Chairman of the Greenville Delegation in 1966 through 1968.

He was a Trustee of Wofford College from 1944 through 1956. He was survived by Caro Wyche Wofford, whom he married in September 1939, and five children: Kerry, Charles, Marchia, Pamela and Cleo.

A well-rounded lawyer, Tom Wofford was especially gifted in the field of advocacy. His outstanding ability in the trial of cases made him an acknowledged leader of the South Carolina Bar.