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Memory Hold The Door, Volume II: 1968–1977

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1968 to 1977.

Huger Sinkler (1868–1913)

Huger Sinkler (1868–1913)

Huger Sinkler was born on the family plantation at Eutaw Springs in 1868. He graduated from the College of Charleston with honors in 1888 and read law in the office of Mitchell and Smith. He was admitted to the Bar in 1889.

In 1898, he was elected to the South Carolina House, serving eight years and then for twelve years as a State Senator from Charleston. He was Chairman of the Education Committee of both houses and was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

About 1900, he formed a partnership with J.N. Nathans, Sr. and J.N. Nathans, Jr. Its successor became Sinkler, Gibbs, Simons and Guerard. A bond issue rejected by a New York law firm was approved by Nathans and Sinkler and sold, based on their opinion. This breached the exclusive hold of big-city bond counsel, and led to a substantial bond practice for the firm.

He married Anna Marshall and they had a lawyer son of the same name and a daughter. He was a lifelong member of St. Philip’s Church and a member of the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees for many years.

Gentle, kindly, courteous; his courage, high ideals, intellect and sincere interest in people made him a beloved public servant and respected lawyer.