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Memory Hold The Door, Volume II: 1968–1977

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1968 to 1977.

Robert Hoke Robinson (1916–1977)

Robert Hoke Robinson was born in Columbia, the son of David W. and Edith Childs Robinson. He married Bessie Heyward, who survived him, and they had four sons and one daughter. He was a graduate of Davidson College with an A.B., the University of South Carolina Law School with an LL.B. and Harvard University Law School with an LL.M. He was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Delta Phi.

He was admitted to the Bar in 1940 and practiced in Columbia until his retirement in 1965 because of ill health. He served as Assistant Attorney General of South Carolina from 1949 through 1950.

He served in World War II during campaigns in Africa, Sicily and Italy and as a law instructor at West Point.

He participated in the founding of two Episcopal Churches in Columbia and was the historiographer for the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

A well-rounded practitioner and at the same time, a trial lawyer of distinction, his scholarship, industry and ability, together with his integrity and devotion to the law, merited and earned for him the respect and admiration of his brethren at the Bar, who knew him as an unwavering servant to his fellow man.