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LRAW Research Spring 2025

SC Administrative Law Court Decisions

When a dispute arises in a situation governed by regulations, an administrative hearing may be held.

Administrative Hearing: A trial-like proceeding before an administrative agency or administrative law judge.  As in a trial, evidence is proffered and testimony is given.  Unlike a trial, an administrative hearing is often shorter in duration and more informal in nature.


The South Carolina Administrative Law Court (ALC) was created by the state legislature to provide administrative hearings. Depending on the relevant statutes, some proceedings are heard initially by the ALC; others are heard first by the relevant agency and may be appealed to the ALC.

ALC decisions can be found on Lexis and Westlaw, as well as on

Decisions by Professional Licensing Boards

On the SC LLR website, each licensing board for a profession or occupation provides access to its disciplinary decisions

For example, from the Board of Registration for Foresters' page, clicking on Board Orders (immediately after "licensee lookup") will bring up a Search function allowing the user to search for orders administratively disciplining a member of the forestry profession.

screenshot of highlighting "board orders"

screenshot of

Only public orders are available, meaning that in some cases a private reprimand may be issued, which would not be available through the SC LLR website.