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LRAW Research Spring 2025

Why Use an Agency Website?

A particular agency's regulations may be posted on its website. Why might it be useful to try the agency website instead of an online database?

One reason is because the agency website will often contain the regulations, the statute providing statutory authority, and documentation of policies and procedures relevant to that agency, such as forms and how to file them. There may also be simple explanations intended for the public, as well as contact information for agency officials. While much or all of this information may be findable in online databases, sometimes the agency website is the quicker way to find it all in one place.

Locating the Official Agency Website

Sometimes it isn’t clear whether a site you have found using Google is the official website of the agency, or if it is created by a third party. For example, you might be suspicious of because it ends in .com instead of .gov.

To check whether you are on the official site, you can go to and click on State Agency Websites. State Agency Websites

This will take you to’s Agency Listing.

The Lottery Commission is listed under "E," with a link to, confirming that this is the official agency website.

Agency Listing, search bar, links to each letter of the alphabet

Navigating the Agency's Website

It may take some exploration to find where each individual agency chooses to put regulations and related materials on their website, but it may still be quicker than finding those same items in an online database such as Lexis or Westlaw.

On, it is quick work to click on "About Us" and find links to the Lottery Act and Lottery Regulations as PDFs. Remember: although regulations are a separate source of law, regulations derive authority from statutes (also known as acts). - About Us - Lottery Act (.pdf) - Lottery Regulations (.pdf)

Navigating SC LLR's Website

The SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) website is very helpful for finding the statutes and regulations that govern its many divisions, which include Professional Licensing Boards for many professions and occupations.

For example, to find links to both the statutes and the regulations that govern the profession of Forestry,

  1. Click on Professions + Occupations at the top of the LLR website, then click on Foresters.
  2. Now you're on the subpage for the SC Board of Registration for Foresters. Click on Additional Resources, then click below it for Laws/Policies.
  3. You have found a list of three items: two statutes and one regulation governing Forestry.

The page for each professional licensing board is organized in a similar way, with the relevant statutes and regulations included at a “Laws and Policies” link under "Resources," "Additional Resources," or a similar term.

Subpage for the SC Board of Registration for Foresters (, highlighting "Professions + Occupations" at the top," then "Additional Resources" which expands to reveal "Laws and Policies"






 Sub-subpage showing laws and policies for Forestry ( SC Code of Laws Title 48 Chapter 27 Registration Of Foresters / S.C. Code of Regulations Chapter 53: Registration of Foresters / S.C. Code of Laws Title 40 Chapter 1 Professions And Occupations