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Memory Hold The Door, Volume V: 1998–2007

Memory Hold The Door Honorees from 1998 to 2007.

Wesley Martin Walker (1915–1999)

Wesley Martin Walker was a consummate lawyer and a Christian gentleman. He was a graduate of the University of South Carolina and its law school. He served as attorney for the City of Greenville. He was appointed by President Carter as Chairman of the Judicial Selection Committee for the Fourth Circuit and was a member of the Memory Hold the Door Committee of the South Carolina Bar. Wesley served his country well in World War II as a PT commander in the South Pacific.

Wesley was deeply interested in the American Bar Association. He represented South Carolina in the House of Delegates, and the Southeast on the Board of Governors of that national legal body for many years. He was appropriately honored by the Association in February of 1994, when he was given the American Bar Foundations’ Distinguished Fellows Fifty Year Award. This was a great honor, one accorded to no other South Carolina attorney, and an honor richly deserved.

Wesley was blessed with a wonderful wife, Martha, and three fine children, two daughters and one son. As much as he loved the University of South Carolina, and as much as he loved the practice of law, neither could approach the love he had for his family. Wesley Walker was indeed not only a consummate lawyer, he was also a great man, one loved by all who were fortunate enough to know him.