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Law Firm Technology: Books on Law Firm Tech

This guide prepares law students for practice by introducing them to technological issues facing legal practitioners.
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  • A sampling of legal tech e-books and books in print available via the law library

For a broader list and the latest updates:

Please Ask a Librarian. We are here to make your search process easier!

How to Get These Books

Books in print:

The books listed here are all held by the University of South Carolina Law Library.

Click on a title to see whether the book is currently available or checked out, and where in the law library it can be found.

Learn more about what the USC Law Library offers, if you are a:

E-books in the law library:

Anyone may use one of the hardwired desktop public-access computers inside the law library.

1. Click the title of an e-book.

2. Scroll down to "View Online" and click a link under "Availability options." 

3. Select the USC School of Law -- Other Authorized Users, and input the guest login.

E-books anywhere:

Only current USC students, faculty, and staff may use their Network ID and password to access an e-book using any computer or device, from anywhere.

1. Click the title of the book.

2. Scroll down to "View Online" and click a link under "Availability options." 

3. Enter your Network ID and password.

Selected Law Firm Technology Books

Find more on Artificial Intelligence.


Find more on Cyber Insurance.

Find more PLI Plus treatises on Data Protection, Legal Innovation, or Technology in Law Practice:

  • Type the name of your institution, and select University of South Carolina
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff may enter their network ID and password
  • Other Authorized Users must be at a hardwired computer in the law library


Find more on Computer Security.


Find more on Electronic Discovery.


Find more on Economic Aspects of Law Practice.

Find more on Law Firms of all sizes.


Find more on Automation.