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Law Firm Technology

This guide prepares law students for practice by introducing them to technological issues facing legal practitioners.

Best Practices

"Moneyball" for Lawyers: The Value of UTBMS/LEDES Codes
by Holly Urban

- a brief history of UTBMS/LEDES Coding
- value
- course of action


The Art of Writing a Timecard: 6 Must Haves
by Daniel Garcia 

1 - Accuracy
2 - Granularity
3 - Completeness
4 - Timeliness
5 - Efficiency
6 - Clarity


Law Firm Timekeeping Best Practices: How to Reduce the Pain of Timekeeping, Improve Accuracy and Increase Billable Hours
by Todd Gerstein

- time entry components
- avoid block time entries
- book non-billable time
- time expended for hourly bills
- due dates for time sheets
- timekeeper behavior
- technology

Software and App Examples

Additional Examples: