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Microsoft Word Fundamentals for Efficient Lawyers and Law Students

This guide provides tips and links to tutorials for key tasks in Word that lawyers and law students undertake daily.

Top 25 Word 2016 Tips and Tricks

This video covers the following tips: 

  1. Text to Speech
  2. Pin to Open File List
  3. File Open and Repair
  4. Smart Lookup
  5. Filler or Random Text
  6. Clipboard Multipaste
  7. Calculate
  8. Scroll Zoom
  9. Insert Table
  10. Formulas in Tables
  11. Shrink One Page
  12. Customize Status Bar
  13. Convert Text to Table
  14. Copy/Paste Unformatted
  15. Format
  16. Ctrl Key
  17. Insert Hyperlinks
  18. Save as PDF
  19. Insert File Path
  20. Insert Screen Shot
  21. File Share
  22. AutoCorrect
  23. Triple Click
  24. Show Formatting
  25. Tell Me What to Do search

10 Microsoft Word Hacks Every Lawyer Should Know

Clio, a popular billing software, has provided its own list of 10 Microsoft Word Hacks Every Lawyer Should Know.  That list is as follows: 

  1. Basic Shortcuts, including how to click your cursor to save time
  2. Styles 
  3. Templates
  4. The Navigation Pane
  5. The Developer Tab
  6. Minimizing the Ribbon
  7. Restricting Edits
  8. Mark as Final
  9. Removing Metadata
  10. Using AutoRecover

Read details for each of these tips.