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Guide for Librarians Guide for Librarians

Our library is a member of and the registrars are Candle Wester and Dan Brackmann.  The registrars can create ‘Organizations’ - affiliations that allow users to create Perma Links and share access to them for a whole team - and add users as ‘Org Users’ to these Organizations.


Create Organizations (Registrars only)

  • Log in and select Organizations in the upper-right menu.
  • Click Add Organization, enter its name (the faculty member, research center, journal etc.) and click Create New Organization.


Add Organization Users

  • Select Organizations Users in the upper-right menu.

  • Click Add Organization, enter the individual’s email, click Add User.

  • Enter user’s name, select the appropriate organization, click Add.


Create Perma Links

  • Log in and enter the URL of the site you want to preserve.
  • Select your organization in the affiliated with dropdown menu, click Create Perma Link. This brings you to that newly created Perma archive (example).

Link creation limits

  • Create up to 10 Perma Links/month in your Personal Links folder.
  • Create unlimited links affiliated with your USC affiliated organization.

Cite Links
The Bluebook (20th ed.) Rule 18.2.1(d) encourages archiving Internet sources in order to prevent link rot, using both the Perma Link and original URL in the citation:

Charles P. Pierce, This Cannot Be the Way Occupy Ends, Esquire: Pol. Blog (Nov. 17, 2011), [].



Private Links

When a Perma Link defaults to private after creation, it’s commonly because the original site has a ‘no-archive’ tag in its code. You can still access the link in your Perma account, and it can be used for citation, but those outside of your organization will have to be given access by you if they wish to view it. For more on Private Records, see the User Guide. was developed by the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School.

Over 200 libraries and institutions have used Perma to create over 350,000 links, ensuring their citations and research will never succumb to link-rot.

Guide Version USC Librarians 2.0


Librarian Specific Policies

Retiring Librarians

  1. Retiring and emeritus librarians can retain their accounts associated with the library's institutional account at their request.
  2. After five years of inactivity, the library's Perma registrars may delete the account of any retired or emeritus librarian.
  3. At this time use by a retired librarian member who is working outside of the University of South Carolina or the legal field will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


Librarians Changing Institutions

  1. The registrars will remove the institutional affiliation and organizations of librarians who move to positions at another institution at any time after one year.  Librarians are advised to record the links they need from their institutionally affiliated accounts before that time.  Please feel free to contact the registrars with any questions or for assistance.
  2. Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the registrars.