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Universal Citation: AALL

A South Carolina focused guide to discussions of citation reform, sometimes referred to as vendor neutral citation, medium neutral citation, uniform citation, or public domain citation.

American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)

"AALL believes that federal, state, and local governments should provide a universal citation for government information that it disseminates for citizen use.

A universal (or public domain) citation system is both medium and vendor neutral.

AALL recommends that federal, state, and local governments should adopt AALL's universal citation formats, as illustrated in the Universal Citation Guide."

Universal Citation Guide

"Because of the many changes in the way information is accessed from a variety of formats and platforms, the need for universal citation systems is even greater than a decade ago when the last edition was published.

This new edition has been made easier to use, to smooth the transition as courts, states, and journals adopt the system."

—from the publisher's description of the 3rd edition of AALL's Universal Citation Guide (2014).