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Cybersecurity: Academic Journals

The law library curates this guide to cybersecurity resources in order to support legal researchers and practicing lawyers.

How to Access HeinOnline

In the law library:
Anyone may use one of the hardwired desktop public-access computers inside the law library to access HeinOnline.

Only current UofSC students, faculty, and staff may use their Network ID and password to access HeinOnline using any computer or device, from anywhere.

How to Access Lexis and Westlaw

Only current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff receive individual usernames and passwords to Lexis and Westlaw through the law library.

Troubleshooting Lexis:

Current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff may email Laura Glover at or contact Lexis customer support 24/7 at 1-800-543-6862.

Troubleshooting Westlaw:

Current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff may email Kyla Shank at or contact Westlaw technical support 24/7 at 1-800-937-8529.

Public Access:

The law library provides public access to Nexis Uni only at our hardwired computers inside the law library. Nexis Uni is a version of Lexis that provides access to primary law and some additional resources, but unfortunately, not to the resources listed on this page.

For academic research purposes, a comprehensive search of law journals is recommended.

Search for articles on HeinOnline:

For current awareness purposes, academics may want to consider the following journals:

Academic Journals:

  • Computer Law & Security Review: The International Journal of Technology Law and Practice - website, HeinOnline, Lexis, Westlaw

  • Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, & eDiscovery Law & Policy eJournal - SSRN

  • Journal of Cybersecurity - website

  • Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare - website, HeinOnline, Lexis, Westlaw

  • Journal of National Security Law and Policy - website

While a search of articles available for free on the open web would be incomplete, here are a few examples of articles available for free without a database subscription:


  • UPDATE: Cyberwarfare and Collateral Damages by Edoardo E. Artese and Valentin Vitkov. This paper presents an introduction to cyberwarfare, its victims, and its collateral damages, framed within the context of international law. The paper was published in the June 2019 issue of GlobaLex, an electronic publication of the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law.