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American Indian and Indigenous Law Resources

Online Treaty sources

Indian Treaties: A Bibliography 

This bibliograpy by Beth DiFelice, published in 2015 in Law Library Journal and available through SSRN, provides an overview of the treaty process between the U.S. federal government and Indian tribes and the termination of the federal government's power to enter into treaties with Indian nations in 1871. It also provides description of treaty sources for research, focusing on primary sources.

Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler

The Oklahoma State University Library provides free access to Charles J. Kappler's seven-volume compilation of texts of treaties, laws, and executive orders. This is considered the primary source for these dcouments. Volume two has the text of ratified treaties (1778-1883) with an alphabetical index by tribe.

Also available on HeinOnline (on campus or USC login required).

Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center for Digital Research in the Humanities provides free access to its collection nine treaties created between 1722 and 1805, not included in the Kappler's or Statutes at Large. This collection is available through the American Indian Treaties Portal. Included on the portal landing page (scroll to the bottom) are links to journal articles authored or co-authored by Charles D. Bernholz on American Indian treaties cited by courts. Articles cover treaties cited by the United States Supreme Court, lower federal courts, the Court of Claims, state courts, and territorial courts. There are also articles on treaties absent from federal court proceedings.

United States Statutes at Large, Volumes 1 to 18 (1789-1875)

The United States Statutes at Large is the permanent collection of laws enacted and resolutions enacting during each Congressional session. The statutes are published chronologically. The Library of Congress American Memory Project provides free access to these volumes. Volume 7 is a compilation of Indian treaties, 1778-1842. Treaties also appear at end of subsequent volumes and intermingled with foreign treaties. After 1871, treaty-making continued by formal agreements and executive orders. Check indexes for laws affecting treaties. Westlaw and Lexis Advance (password required) and HeinOnline (USC ID, campus) also include access.

Yale Law School Goldman Law Library Avalon Project 

This site provides free access Treaties between the United States and Native Americans (1778-1868) and the Jay Treaty of 1794 and Associated Documents dealing with American Indians in both the U.S. and Canada.

Subscription Services

HeinOnline American Indian Law Collection

With nearly 1,000 titles unique to this collection and more than 1.2 million total pages dedicated to American Indian Law, this library includes an expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. This library also features rare compilations edited by Felix S. Cohen that have never before been accessible online. Access on campus or with USC ID.

Native American People Treaties, Ratified and Unratified 

Lexis+ (password required) and Nexis Uni (must be on campus network or have current USC status to access remotely) provide access to the full text of treaties, ratified and un-ratified from 1787-1883. 

Selected Resources for Treaties & Treaty making from our catalog

This is a listing of selected resources in our library.  By searching our catalog using the terms "Native American" and Treaty or treaties you may find other resources as well both on the shelves and available online..