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South Carolina Forms Index: SC Courts

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Alcohol, Drugs

Criminal Court (General Sessions):

Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

Certain first-time drug offenses

Repeated Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Concentration (DUAC)

Magistrates' / Municipal / Summary Court:

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission

Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

Certain first-time drug offenses

Alcohol device

Arbitration of Claim for Property Damage in Motor Vehicle Collision

Related keywords: car wreck, auto accident, fender bender

Civil Court (Common Pleas):


Related keywords: collections, creditor, debt, owe

Magistrates' / Municipal / Summary Court:

Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Modification

Complete the South Carolina Self-Represented Litigant Child Support Modification packet online using a free interactive program. This program allows you to quickly and easily complete the child support modification by answering simple questions online. Visit for more information.

Family Court:

Child Support Decrease - Plaintiff

Child Support Decrease - Defendant

Child Support Increase - Plaintiff

Child Support Increase - Defendant

Child Support Generally

Child Support and Court Costs

Orders and Information Sheet

Child Support Termination or Continuation

Related keywords: end child support, cancel child support, continue paying child support, keep paying child support, stop paying child support

Family Court:

Terminate Child Support:

​Continue Child Support:

Criminal Responsibility / McNaughten

Related keywords: diagnosis, disability, insanity defense, mental health, mental illness, psychological records, special needs, M'Naughten, M'Naghten, McNaughton

Criminal Court (General Sessions):

Data Entry Errors

Related keywords: misspelled name, wrong information, incorrect court documents

Civil Court (Common Pleas)

Probate Court


Family Court:

Plaintiff Forms

Defendant Forms

Domestic Violence / Protection from Abuse

Filing for an Order of Protection in South Carolina, a manual by South Carolina Legal Services

Family Court:

Order of Protection:

Extend or Dismiss:

Transport or Transmit:

Court Order:

Violating an Order of Protection:

Magistrates' / Municipal / Summary Court:

Protection from Domestic Abuse Act


also see "Restraining Orders" 

Family Court - Trial Documents

Filing an Appeal

Appellate Court:

Notice of Appeal

Filing and Serving a Notice of Appeal

Ordering Transcript


Record on Appeal

Certificate in Final Brief


Petition for Certiorari / Post-Conviction Relief (PCR)


Related keywords: deaf, English, Espanol, Español, language, Spanish, sign language, translate 

Family Court:



Family Court:

Charges and Detention for Juvenile Offenses

Expungement (Juvenile Records)


Magistrates' / Municipal / Summary Court:

Eviction (leave the rental property)

Distraint (seize property to pay back rent owed)

Tenant documents:

On the Other Forms page, there are Landlord-Tenant forms that were not provided by the SC Judicial Department.

Pending Case Restored for Trial

Personal Representative or Others (Compensation)

Pre-Trial Forms

Protecting Private Information in Court Documents

Requests to Waive Filing Fees

Related keywords: legal aid, legal services, nonprofit, do not have the funds available

Civil Court (Common Pleas):

also see "Appointing Counsel" 

Service of Process / Delivery

Probate Court:


Probate Court


Related keywords: witness, testify, testimony, deposition, document, evidence, sapina, sepina, subpeona, suppina

Civil Court (Common Pleas):

Criminal Court (General Sessions):

Transfer of Venue / Removal



Self-Represented Litigant

Contempt of Court (Visitation)