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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Speakers, Events, Scholarship & Resources

Resources for the classroom

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolbox, UofSC Center for Teaching Excellence

This toolbox contains four different sections that contain instructional tools and resources that university instructors can implement within their respective courses. The purpose of the Toolbox is twofold:

  • Provide concrete strategies and resources for faculty to include and/or address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their teaching practices at UofSC.
  • Support faculty’s ability to identify and/or implement internal and external resources for training best practices.

Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center

offers resources to promote effective teaching, learning, and dialogue about racism, racial violence, and racial justice in colleges, universities, and communities across the United States.

Resources include two handbooks to help faculty and university leaders effectively engage in conversations about important issues.

Racial Justice Resource Guide, Georgia State University.

For faculty wanting to include racial justice topics in their curriculum.

“Law faculty are often race-avoidant in teaching would-be lawyers, despite the role race has played in the construction and maintenance of the legal system in the United States. When race is absent from class discussions, that silence sends the message that the law is neutral and operates equally for all, when that is plainly not the lived experience for so many in this country. When we fail to incorporate issues of race and racism as a through line in core law school courses, we impede the professional development of future lawyers, who graduate without grappling with difficult but essential questions of how the law can operate to subordinate on the basis of race (and gender, class, age, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, and ability). Our silence about how race informs law and its application does real damage to students and can be particularly alienating for students of color.” ~ Gerard Fowke, Librarian – Georgia State University College of Law Library.

United States Feminist Judgments Project: Rewriting law from a feminist perspective

The United States Feminist Judgments Project is part of a global collaboration of hundreds of feminist law professors who re-imagine and rewrite key judicial decisions from a feminist perspective. The touchstone of the project is that the rewritten opinions must use the facts and precedent of the original opinion, but bring to the process of judging a feminist perspective that takes into account race, class, gender, disability and other status groups historically marginalized by the law. In this way, the Project seeks to show that United States jurisprudence is not objective or neutral, but rather deeply influenced by the perspectives of those who are appointed to interpret it. As a consequence, the Project also shows that previously accepted judicial outcomes were neither necessary nor inevitable, and that feminist judges could have changed the course of American jurisprudence.

The project started with the publication of the first set of US Supreme Court decisions rewritten from the feminist perspective in 2016.  Since then 11 more volumes have been created covering property, tort, employment discrimination, trusts and estates, family law, reproductive justice, and tax law. Three new volumes are coming out this fall covering health law, criminal, and corporate law.

We only have 2 of the series in our library collection, see below.

Integrating Doctrine and Diversity: Inclusion and equity in the law school classroom

Edited by Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Raquel J. Gabriel, Suzanne Harrington-Steppen, Anna Russell, Genevieve B. Tung

Resource Guides


The Office of Graduate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is excited to share with you the launch of a new partnership between The Graduate School and the Center for Innovation and Inclusion (located in the College of Education).  “The Grad Cohort” is a new podcast series that leverages the dynamic learning taking place in graduate courses at UofSC. In this podcast series, graduate students engage in critical conversations about issues of justice, equity and inclusion. Each semester, a graduate level course takes on the podcast series as an academic project and the students in the course develop, facilitate/host, and record episodes based on the course topic. The content is for graduate students, by graduate students. Series 1 is now available for Fall 2021 and can be accessed by visiting this link  A new series and new course/topic will be recorded each semester, so look for Series 2 in Spring 2022!


Books - Suggested Reading

Reading Lists

Authors to read

  • James Baldwin
  • Ibram X Kendi
  • Toni Morrison
  • bell hooks
  • Cornel West
  • Elijah Anderson
  • Maya Angelou