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Green Finance 2021: US

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

press release from the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA), the lobbying group for the Alaska oil industry - Aug. 17, 2020, AOGA 

Alaska Natives are shareholders; they are also reliant on caribou. – Oct. 19, 2020, Indian Country Today

local news in Alaska claiming that President Trump did not follow through with plans for oil leases in the ANWR - Nov. 12, 2020, Anchorage Press

official invitation to purchase oil leases in ANWR - Nov. 17, 2020, “call for nominations” in the Federal Register

reaction by oil industry analyst - Nov. 17, 2020, Forbes

reaction by environmentalist publication - Nov. 17, 2020, Adventure Journal

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Private Firms

Regional Associations

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Thanks to Rebekah Maxwell for significant contribution to this Green Finance resource guide.