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Circuit Riders: Legal Research Training for Non-Lawyers

The Circuit Riders Outreach Program

Access to Justice begins with access to information.

To promote access to legal information for all South Carolinians, the reference librarians at the USC School of Law’s Coleman Karesh Law Library created the Circuit Riders Outreach Program.

The Circuit Riders Outreach Program began in 2007 as a series of workshops entitled Legal Research for Non-Law Librarians.  The purpose of the all-day workshops was to teach basic legal research skills to public and academic librarians who would then share their new expertise with their fellow librarians. The desired result would be librarians across South Carolina who are better equipped and more confident when assisting their patrons with legal research.

To reach the largest possible audience in the most economical way, we created this online guide that includes all of the Circuit Riders training materials and videos. With our new online presence, we hope to make it more convenient for busy librarians to access our materials and encourage libraries to use these materials to conduct their own in-house workshops on legal research.

Now that our materials are online, we also hope that the materials within this guide prove helpful to any new legal researcher. In fact, we recently changed the name of our guide to Circuit Riders: Legal Research Training for Non-Lawyers.