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Librarians can help you find books and use websites. Librarians cannot give legal advice.

Need help with Chat? Please see the instructions, or email

RefBot, the Law Library chatbot, is available 24/7 and can assist with certain questions. Click here to ask RefBot a question.

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Law Library Text Chat

Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM 

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Text Chat Instructions


Text chat will work on a smartphone and on a computer.


1. To start a text chat, click on the "Ask a Librarian" link.

Screenshot highlighting the "Ask a Librarian" link under the "Text Chat" heading above.


2. This will open a pop-up window.

Type your question in the chat box, then press the "Enter" key to send it to a librarian.

Screenshot highlighting the pop-up chat box; type a question into this box and press the "Enter" key to send the message.


3. The librarian will respond to your question in the chat box.

You and the librarian can send more messages using this same chat box.

Screenshot highlighting the librarian's reply to a question in the chat box.


Video Chat Request Icon

Law Library Video Chat

Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM

Please do not reveal private information during Video Chat.

Other patrons may join the Video Chat session.



Video Chat Instructions


Video chat will work on a smartphone.

Video chat will only work on a computer if the computer has a camera and a microphone.

1. To start a video chat, click or press “Start video chat.”


Image indicating location of request button under heading "Law Library Video Chat"


2. A Blackboard Collaborate window will pop up.

To make it bigger, click or press the ◻ in the top right of that window.

Type "Guest."

Then click or press "Join Session."


Image highlighting the video chat pop-up window. You can enter "Guest" as the name and click "Join Session" to enter the video chat. You can also click on the "maximize" button at the top to make the pop-up window full-screen.



3. After you click "Join Session," video chat starts.

Your librarian will be with you soon.

Your librarian cannot hear you unless you turn on your microphone.

Your librarian cannot see you unless you turn on your camera.

You can click the microphone and camera icons at the bottom of the screen.





4. To end video chat: click on the three lines in the top left.

Then click "Leave Session" at the bottom left.

You can rate the audio and video quality of the chat if you want to, or click "Skip" to end the chat.


Image highlighting the "three lines" icon to expand the menu in Blackboard Collaborate, located at the top left of the screen.
Image highlighting the "Leave Session" button at the bottom of the menu in Blackboard Collaborate.
Screenshot of Blackboard Collaborate, highlighting the option to skip rating the audio / video quality of the video chat session. You can enter a rating or click "Skip" in the bottom right corner.