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Cybersecurity: Practitioner Newsletters

The law library curates this guide to cybersecurity resources in order to support legal researchers and practicing lawyers.

How to Access HeinOnline

In the law library:
Anyone may use one of the hardwired desktop public-access computers inside the law library to access HeinOnline.

Only current UofSC students, faculty, and staff may use their Network ID and password to access HeinOnline using any computer or device, from anywhere.

How to Access Lexis and Westlaw

Only current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff receive individual usernames and passwords to Lexis and Westlaw through the law library.

Troubleshooting Lexis:

Current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff may email Laura Glover at or contact Lexis customer support 24/7 at 1-800-543-6862.

Troubleshooting Westlaw:

Current UofSC Law students, faculty, and staff may email Kyla Shank at or contact Westlaw technical support 24/7 at 1-800-937-8529.

Public Access:

The law library provides public access to Nexis Uni only at our hardwired computers inside the law library. Nexis Uni is a version of Lexis that provides access to primary law and some additional resources, but unfortunately, not to the resources listed on this page.

For practicing lawyers' research purposes, a comprehensive search of law journals is recommended.

Search for articles on HeinOnline:

For current awareness purposes, practicing lawyers may want to consider the following newsletters (not available through the law library):

Cover Art

"The Cybersecurity Law Report is an information service that provides business analysis of critical legal issues related to the cybersecurity, data protection and data privacy challenges facing entities across industries. Each Report contains practical, plain-English guidance on compliance strategies and best business practices to assist outside and in-house counsel and compliance professionals with the dynamic issues unfolding in this area." -

Cover Art

"Updated monthly with articles and analysis by experts in the field, this online-only newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest developments in cybersecurity, privacy, information governance and legal technology, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy allows you to be aware of the threats to client data and help you implement best practices to try to prevent breaches and to respond in the best way possible in case of a breach, including making sure you are insured for any damages that may result." -

"Cybersecurity Policy Report is the only weekly newsletter that provides in-depth news and analysis of rules and requirements detailing how operations of owners and operators of commercial and enterprise networks must protect those networks and any data and personal information that they compile." -

Cover Art "Inside Cybersecurity is a subscription-based premium news service for policy professionals who need to know about evolving federal policies to protect cyberspace. Inside Cybersecurity delivers daily news and analysis on an emerging regulatory policy area that will dramatically affect businesses large and small." -

Cover Art"Pratt's Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Report, written by the nation's leading privacy and cybersecurity attorneys and professionals, is a new subscription journal, published nine times per year, that explores and analyzes current developments in privacy and cybersecurity law, including statutory and regulatory developments, case law, data breach prevention and response, dispute resolution, and industry developments." -