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Circuit Riders: Updating SC Regulations

Basic Legal Research Guide

Updating SC Regulations

Annual Cumulative Supplements
Once you find a relevant South Carolina regulation, you must update it to make sure it is still good law. Each hardbound volume of the South Carolina Code of Regulations is updated annually by a supplement inserted in the back of the book called a pocket part, or by a separate black softbound supplement shelved next to the hardbound volume. 
Supplements include any amendments or the repeal of a regulation as well as any new regulations enacted since the hardbound volume was last revised. Supplements also include references to new cases interpreting specific regulations.

Pocket Part Supplement and Softbound Supplement for a volume of the SC Code of Regulations.

Supplements to the South Carolina Code of Regulations are published once a year, so an agency could amend or repeal a regulation or adopt a new regulation before a new supplement or hardbound volume is printed. 

South Carolina Legislature Website
A more up-to-date version of the South Carolina Code of Regulations may be found on the South Carolina Legislature website. A notation at the top of the page will tell you through which monthly  volume and issue of the South Carolina State Register the South Carolina Code of Regulations are current. The image below shows a currency date through volume 44, issue 3, effective March 27, 2020. 

Notation at the top of the South Carolina Code of Regulations page on the South Carolina Legislature website that says "Files are current through State Register volume 44, Issue 3, effective March 27, 2020."

The South Carolina State Register 
Then you can browse
 the monthly South Carolina State Register on the South Carolina Legislature website to check for updates beyond that currency date. From the State Register below, you learn that you need only check one more issue to update the South Carolina Code of Regulations—the April 24, 2020 issue. 

There is also an index for each volume of the State Register to search for South Carolina regulations by subject.

                      SC State Register page on the SC Legislature website. The most issue issue is April 24, 2020.             

Updating South Carolina Regulations Using Westlaw's Citator--KeyCite

Some public library systems in South Carolina offer access to Westlaw for their members, which includes the citator KeyCite

Citators use flags and signals to notify you:

  • that there is a proposed rule that might affect a regulation;
  • that a regulation has in fact been recently amended or repealed; or
  • that a court has ruled a regulation to be unconstitutional or otherwise invalid.

Citators also provide secondary sources and cases that cite a regulation