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Circuit Riders: Finding South Carolina Regulations

Basic Legal Research Guide

Finding South Carolina Regulations in Print

You may find a South Carolina regulation cited in an article or book on a legal topic, referenced in a statute or its annotations, or cited in a case.

SC Code of Regulations, volume containing R 44-10 to R 61-17, including regulations of the South Carolina Lottery Commission.

 If you know the citation to a South Carolina regulation, you can locate it in the print South Carolina Code of Regulations by going to the volume that contains that chapter and section

For example, to locate Lottery Regulation 44-70. Claiming Prizes in the South Carolina Code of Regulations, find the red regulations volume that contains Chapter 44 and turn to Section 70.

                Text of SC Regulation 44-70 on Claiming Prizes.

Text of SC Lottery Regulations

Table of Contents
Image of the table of contents for Chapter 44; the first entry listed is highlighted, 44-10 containing Definitions; the list contains other entries, ending with 44-140.
Once you find a regulation that applies to your legal issue, you can use the Table of Contents for that chapter to find other relevant regulations. For example, in the Table of Contents for Chapter 44 on the right, you find the Definitions regulation, which includes the term "Unclaimed Prize."  In that definition, you learn that a prize is considered unclaimed after 180 days.






By Subject
If you do not have a citation to a specific regulation to help you begin your search, you can use the A-I and J-Z Indexes for the South Carolina Code Annotated, which includes South Carolina regulations, to find a regulation on your legal issue by subject.

General Index for the SC Code Annotated

Each index contains an alphabetical list of topics with references to South Carolina statutes and regulations on that topic.

 A reference to a regulation will have the name of the agency, and an "R" before the citation. For example, in the index below under LOTTERIES, you find an entry for Lottery R 44-10 et seq. (Et seq means and the following). If the first topic you look up in the index does not work, it may refer you to a different, more helpful topic.


Index entry for Lotteries in the print General Index: LOTTERIES Generally, 16-19-10 et seq., 59-150-10 et seq.; Lottery R 44-10 et seq.  

You may also find regulations by subject in the indexes to the South Carolina Code Annotated under the topic "Rules and Regulations" or listed under the name of the responsible agency.

Finding South Carolina Regulations for Free Online

The official South Carolina regulations are published in the print South Carolina Code of Regulations.
The unofficial and unannotated South Carolina Code of State Regulations is available for free through the South Carolina Legislature website, which allows you to search by citation, browse regulations by chapter, and search regulations by keyword. 

South Carolina Legislature home page; link to Code of Regulations is located near the bottom-left part of the page.

Finding South Carolina Regulations Using Agency Websites


Agency Listing website for links to SC government agencies.


An agency's regulations may be posted on its website. The South Carolina Legislature website provides an alphabetical listing of links to South Carolina State Agency Websites. The Lottery Commission is listed under "E" for Education Lottery Commission.













On the South Carolina Education Lotttery website, choose the ABOUT US tab to find links to the Lottery Act and Lottery Commission regulations. Remember: although regulations are a separate source of law, regulations derive authority from statutes.

 SC Education Lottery website.

SC Labor Licensing & Regulation website.

The SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) website can be a very helpful resource for finding the statutes and regulations that govern its many divisions:

  • Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing
  • Division of Fire and Life Safety
  • Division of Labor (which includes Elevator and Amusement Rides)
  • Labor Services, Labor-Management Mediation
  • Migrant Labor
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
  • OSHA Voluntary Programs.

For example, if you use its Professions +Occupations tab to look up the South Carolina Athletic Commission you will find links to the statutes and regulations for the occupations it licenses and permits. 

SC Athletic Commission page on the SC Labor, Licensing & Regulation website. 

Finding Other State Regulations for Free Online

Map of the United States

There are several websites that provide links to all state regulations available online. Examples include the website for the Administrative Codes and Registers Section (ACR) of the National Association of Secretaries of State, which provides links to administrative codes and state registers available for U.S. states and territories; the Law Librarians' Society of Washington D.C.'s Legislative Sourcebook, which includes a page of website links and telephone numbers for state legislatures, state laws, and state regulations; Cornell Law School's Listing by Jurisdiction with links to regulations for each state; and FindLaw's Cases and Codes webpage, which provides links for each state's administrative codes.

Finding State Regulations Using Subscription Databases

South Carolina colleges and universities and public libraries may provide access to South Carolina and all other state regulations (also called administrative codes) through subscriptions to Westlaw or LexisNexis.

Some public library systems in South Carolina offer public access to Westlaw for its members. The University of South Carolina subscribes to NexisUni™ (formerly LexisNexis Academic).

With access to Westlaw or NexisUni, you can search for South Carolina regulations by citation, using the table of contents, and by keyword search. South Carolina regulations in Westlaw are annotated and include an index like the print regulations (published by West).