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Guide to Forms and Practice Aids

Types of Legal Forms

  1. Ready to Fill Forms
    • Instead of  redrafting standard legal documents, practitioners  find forms they can simply fill in.  Often times, however, these require customization
  2. Example Documents and Clauses
    • Legal professionals often look at legal documents and clauses other people have created and use them as models in creating their own.
  3. Transactional / Litigation Forms 
    • Certain legal and business actions require specific forms. 

Where Can I Find Forms and Sample Documents?

  1. In Print
    • The Law Library has a large collection of practice aids and manuals that include legal forms.  Most of these are listed in the other pages of this guide. You can also search the catalog which is linked at the bottom of this page, visit the library, or call for more information.
  2. Online (SC Court Website)
  3. Online (Sample SC Documents)
    • The search bar on the right side of the page under "Example Docs / Forms" searches the Charleston County Court website.  These are actual filed court documents that may be used as a model.
  4. Online (Other Free Sources)
    1. Findlaw Forms,Federal Forms, the 'Lectric Law Library, and the IRS forms page also provide free online forms.  A simple internet search will produce many more results, however, be wary of jurisdiction and court rules as discussed below.


  1. Jurisdiction
    •   Usually, forms are meant for  a specific state or federal court.  There are also a number of "general jurisdiction."  Usually you should check jurisdiction specific forms (state or federal) before using general jurisdiction forms.  However general jurisdiction forms can also be very useful when you cannot find a jurisdiction specific  form.
  2. Court Rules
    • Always check your form against the court rules.  This is especially true when dealing with general jurisdiction forms.  Never trust a form without checking it.

University of South Carolina Law Library Catalog

Search the Law Library Catalog

Example Docs / Forms

Sometimes there are no "ready to fill" forms. Another good option is to model your court document after something that has already been filed. The box below allows you to search documents from Charleston County Court for these kinds of examples.  Just enter your search terms into the box below and click the grey tab.