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Law Firm Technology

This guide prepares law students for practice by introducing them to technological issues facing legal practitioners.

Federal Court

Go to Justia Dockets and Filings.

Limit your search by jurisdiction, judge, and/or lawsuit type. Click Search.

Select a case from the list of results. Click on the case name. Below the case information, there will be a list of ways to access additional case information on PACER. Click the link labeled History/Documents.

At this point, you will need to log in with your PACER login. Note the charges.

Select only events with documents (this will save on charges if the docket is long). Click on Run Query.

Click on the number next to the document you want to use as a template.

A screen will inform you as to how many pages the document is, and what the total charge will be for downloading (charged by the page). After you accept the charges, you receive access to a PDF. The documents retrievable from PACER are real-world examples, which means you have to use your judgment as to whether any particular document is actually a model of proper formatting.

State Court

Search Google for the type of document you need, adding this to your search terms:

Select a PDF document.

Charleston is currently the only county in South Carolina making its trial court documents available online.

Knowledge Management

West and Lexis have created knowledge management tools that allow you to search within your firm's or agency's existing documents, from within the database of Westlaw or Lexis Advance, or from within Word using an add-on.