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Court Rules


Rules of civil and criminal procedure and rules of evidence prescribe in detail how parties must proceed to resolve their disputes in court. In addition to the rules of procedure and evidence that apply to civil and criminal cases, every jurisdiction has local court rules that govern the administration of its trial and appellate courts.

The print South Carolina Code Annotated includes a paperback Court Rules volume that contains the annotated South Carolina rules of civil and criminal procedure, rules of evidence, and local rules for South Carolina trial and appellate courts. These court rules are included in the general A-I and J-Z indexes to the South Carolina Code Annotated and there is a separate index for the court rules in the back of that volume.

The un-annotated court rules for South Carolina courts are accessible through the South Carolina Judicial Department’s website. The annotated court rules for South Carolina are available through Westlaw and LexisNexis.


There is also a Constitution volume included with the print South Carolina Code Annotated that contains the text of both the South Carolina and United States Constitutions, with annotations. Both are included in the general A-I and J-Z indexes and there is an index at the end of the Constitution volume as well.

The un-annotated South Carolina Constitution is accessible through the South Carolina Legislature website.

The annotated South Carolina Constitution is available through Westlaw and LexisNexis.


Statutory Tables


Another useful volume of the South Carolina Code Annotated is the Statutory Tables volume. This volume contains tables that help you locate where South Carolina Acts are codified (arranged by subject) in the South Carolina Code Annotated and where particular code sections were published in earlier versions of the code. In addition, the Statutory Tables volume provides a table of amendments and repeals to sections of the current South Carolina Code Annotated.