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Finding SC Regulations by Agency Website

A particular agency's regulations may be posted on its website. To access a list of South Carolina agency websites, click on "State Agency Websites" in the blue bar to the left of the South Carolina Legislature's website. The Lottery Commission is listed under "L."

If you go to the SC Lottery Commission's website and click on "Lottery," you will find the Lottery Act and Lottery Regulations listed under "Statutory Provisions."


A very helpful agency website for finding statutes and regulations is the website maintained by the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR). LRR's many divisions include the Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing; the Division of Fire and Life Safety; and the Division of Labor (includes Elevator and Amusement Rides), Labor Services, Labor-Management Mediation, Migrant Labor, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), and OSHA Voluntary Programs.

For example, if you look up the licensing board for Cosmetology on the LLR website and click on the link for Laws/Policies on the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology page, you will find links to both the statutes and regulations that govern that profession.


Or, if you are interested in the regulation of elevators and amusement rides in South Carolina, you can find the statutes and regulations that govern their operation and inspection by following the links under Labor Programs/OSHA.