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Circuit Riders: Finding SC Regulations by Subject

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Finding SC Regulations by Subject

You may locate South Carolina regulations on a particular subject using an index. The print South Carolina Code Annotated includes two index volumes designated  A-I and J-Z.

 Each index contains an alphabetical list of topics with references to South Carolina statutes and regulations on that topic.

 A reference to a regulation will have the name of the agency, and an "R" before the citation. If the first topic you look up in the index does not work, the index may refer you to a different topic that is more helpful.

You may also find regulations in the index under the subject "Rules and Regulations," which directs you to the main index topics where you can find regulations on that subject. Some regulations are also listed in the index to the South Carolina Code under the name of the agency. The index for the SC Code Annotated is available on Westlaw.

 The South Carolina Legislature's website does not include an index.  To locate South Carolina regulations by subject using the South Carolina Legislature's website, you must conduct a keyword search in the South Carolina Code of Regulations database.

Online access to South Carolina regulations is available through subscription databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law. All three databases allow researchers to search for SC regulations by keyword. Westlaw also provides an index to the SC Code Annotated that indexes SC regulations as well.