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Circuit Riders: Finding SC Regulations by Citation & Table of Contents

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Finding SC Regulations by Citation & Table of Contents


You may find a South Carolina regulation cited in an article or book on a legal topic, referenced in a statute or its annotations, or cited in a case.


Once you know the citation for a particular South Carolina regulation, you can locate it in the print South Carolina Code of Regulations by going to the volume that contains that specific chapter and section. 

For example, to locate Lottery Regulation 44-70 in the South Carolina Code of Regulations, find the volume that contains the South Carolina Lottery Commission regulations, and turn to Chapter 44, Section 70 Claiming Prizes.



Table of Contents

To find the regulation that tells you how much time a winner has to claim his or her prize, simply turn to the beginning of the chapter and check the table of contents. You can find the time to claim a prize in South Carolina in the "Definitions" regulation under "Unclaimed Prize" (180 days).

To locate Lottery Regulation 44-70 on the South Carolina Legislature's website, click on Code of Regulations and browse the Table of Contents for Chapter 44, South Carolina Lottery Commission, Section 70, Claiming Prizes.

Online access to South Carolina regulations is also available through subscription databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law (not yet annotated).