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Circuit Riders: Updating South Carolina Cases

Basic Legal Research Training

Updating South Carolina Cases: KeyCite® & Shepard's®

An appellate court decision can be reversed or overruled; therefore, you must always update every case you find to confirm that it is still good law.

Citators track a case to update it and to provide cases and secondary sources that cite it. KeyCite® is the citator for Westlaw. Shepard's® is the citator for LexisNexis.

South Carolina colleges, universities and public libraries may subscribe to Westlaw or Lexis, which will include electronic access to KeyCite® or Shepard's®, respectively, for their patrons.


The law school library maintains a current print set of Shepard's South Carolina Citations for updating South Carolina appellate court opinions.

Shepard's® is also available for all state and federal cases through the University of South Carolina's subscription to LexisNexis Academic.