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PocketParts and Supplements


Each hardbound volume of the South Carolina Code Annotated is updated annually by either a supplement inserted in the back of the book called a pocket part or a separate softbound supplement shelved next to the hardbound volume. 



Supplements include any amendments or repeals of statutes as well as additional research materials and cases decided since the hardbound volume was last revised. Supplements also contain new laws that do not yet appear in the hardbound volumes.

South Carolina Legislature's Website

Since supplements to the South Carolina Code Annotated are published only once a year, the South Carolina General Assembly could amend or repeal a statute before a new supplement or hardbound volume is printed.

South Carolina statutes are updated on the South Carolina Legislature's website at the end of each legislative session. Therefore, researchers should compare the language of the statute in the print South Carolina Code Annotated to the statute on the South Carolina Legislature's website.

The history line at the end of each statute shows when it was last amended. For example, the following Payment of Wages statute on the South Carolina Legislature’s website was enacted in 1986 and amended in 1990.

You may also use the South Carolina Legislature's website to search current legislation or to track a specific bill.

Citators: KeyCite® & Shepard's®

Citators track statutes for amendments or repeal and provide current resources and cases that cite each statute. KeyCite® is the citator for Westlaw. Shepard's® is the citator for LexisNexis.

Citators are used for two purposes. The first is updating, or making sure that the source of law you are researching is still good law.  The second is to find other resources on the same topic to further your research.

The law library maintains a current print set of Shepard's South Carolina Citations for updating the South Carolina Code.