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Researching Congressional Documents and Federal Legislative History Using ProQuest: Research Guides

This guide explains how to access Congressional publications and research federal legislative history using the ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight databases.

ProQuest Congressional Basic Research Guide

Learn how to use ProQuest Congressional through the ProQuest Congressional Basic Research Guide. The Basic Research Guide explains the most common methods to retrieve Congressional documents through the database.

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To access the entire ProQuest Congressional Basic Research Guide, click here.

About the Research Guides

Through a joint effort between the Thomas Cooper Library and the Coleman Karesh Law Library at the University of South Carolina, the ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight Basic and Advanced Research Guides were developed to guide researchers through the process of using each database to access the most pertinent Congressional documents and legislative histories.

This LibGuide and the Research Guides were drafted by Clanitra L. Stewart (J.D., M.L.I.S. Candidate) through the Cooper-Davis Fellowship.

ProQuest Legislative Insight and Congressional Advanced Research Guides

For researchers who are already very familiar with Congressional documents and legislative histories, the ProQuest Legislative Insight and ProQuest Congressional Advanced Research Guides contain more thorough explanations of each database, as well as detailed search examples.

Legislative Insight Advanced Research Guide

Congressional Advanced Research Guide