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Researching Congressional Documents and Federal Legislative History Using ProQuest: ProQuest Legislative Insight

This guide explains how to access Congressional publications and research federal legislative history using the ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight databases.

About ProQuest Legislative Insight

Understanding federal legislative history requires an examination of the Congressional documents that were created in passing a law. The legislative history for a law can provide valuable insight for researchers, including information about why a law was passed or how ambiguous language in a law should be interpreted.

ProQuest Legislative Insight provides a quick and easy way to access the legislative history associated with a specific United States bill or law. Instead of having to pull the pieces of the legislative history together by searching through individual Congressional materials, researchers can access compiled legislative histories through Legislative Insight.

Legislative Insight contains nearly 18,000 compiled federal legislative histories, dating from 1929 forward. In 2013, histories of pre-1929 laws will be made available.

To access Legislative Insight, select an option below. Login is required for both options.

Through Coleman Karesh Law Library

Through University Libraries

ProQuest Legislative Insight Main Screen

Legislative Insight contains a variety of search features to allow researchers to retrieve compiled federal legislative histories, including Citation Checker, the Popular Names of Laws List, the Quick Search and Guided Search options, and the Legislative Process interface.