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The Colcock-Hutson Collection

A Nineteenth Century Law Library

The People

Colcock-Hutson Time Line

The five generations of lawyers produced by the Colcock and Hutson families compiled a remarkable record of service as judges, legislators, and governmental officials — positions of influence and power. However, they were also practicing lawyers, who represented individuals and companies in the ordinary but crucial aspects of their lives and businesses. In doing so, they lived regular lives, provided for their families, educated their children, paid their taxes, practiced their faith, and contributed to their communities in ways more common but no less vital. It is not remarkable for so many to have chosen the legal profession. “[T]he law has always been considered a road to preferment in Carolina, and best calculated, by its liberal studies to prepare a young man for public as well as professional life … .” (1)


  1. Charles Fraser, My Reminiscences of Charleston 68 (1854)